The rumors are circulating : The New Nissan GT-R Will Be the World’s Fastest Sports Car

The next GT-R which will be the fastest super sports car in the world is the target the aim of Nissan to make next. The GT-R has been present for considerable period of time by car standards.

It was brought in, popularized in 2007, and it has been presented as a leader, it meant the crown jewel for Nissan for more than 10 years. It has personified the company’s noble racer with distinction, now it is expected to be replaced.

The leading, the chef. Alonso Albaisa , the Head of Nissan design disclosed to” Autocar” that the company makes the first steps of designing a new GT-R. He indicated and specified that any GT-R substitute or equivalent will not closely look alike the currently, freshly brought in GT-R50 by ItalDesign and it will surely be “its own special car”.

Additionally, again it is too soon to know what will be the strength, power, ability and competence of Nissan’s new beast. Albaisa said that they haven’t made the decision yet, about the next GT-R’s powerstrain, even though it is clear that there will e some form of electrification for keeping up with global emissions regulations. Albaisa said that “the engineer has been challenged” related to the new power of the new GT-R.

“Either we add a lot of electrification or none at all, we can reach the goal – a lot power-wise.” – he said “But we are constructing a new “platform” and our target and goal is understandable and clear: GT-R has to be the fastest car of its kind. It has to be “the owner” of the track. It has to include the advanced technology but it is not necessarily has to be electric.”

The car is still an idea, so it is likely that we would see it the first years of the 30ies of the 21st century. The sketches are being generated for the look of the new car at Nissan’s. The closest look of the new car may be as the digital car from the latest version of the Play Station game Gran Turizmo.

It appears that the Vision concept might be too avant-garde, too cutting-edge for Albasia’s taste, who shows that the GT-R as a very fast car. Despite the trends in the supercar market, the new replacement will have very much alike styling and title to the contemporary GT-R.

What other supercars are able to do is not important. It is a GT-R, it is a brick and it is calling – “Catch me!!!” “It is the world’s fastest brick, for certain. The new car’s sketches say: Less wing, more brick!!!”new car

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